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What is a WordPress Website ?

Why use WordPress ?


WordPress is a sophisticated Content management System – CMS. It enables the user  / website owner  to Log In online from any computer connected to the Internet, and enables EDITING, UPLOAD of Images, ADDING NEW PAGES very simple and fairly easy for the literate person. And, the software is FREE ! Designs and web templates too… you can use these designs for BUSINESS, ART, BLOGS and much more, very versatile.

Websitedreams offers the DESIGN, INSTALL, CONFIGURING  and HOSTING of your WordPress website, with YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME.

Either you already own a domain name, or want a new one, let set it all up for you, at  reasonable price. We know all about it! We install an automatic BACKUP system to  BACK UP YOUR SITE, so it's always safe., plus We offer email support to our clients if you need help.

Your site is SEEN ON GOOGLE, YAHOO and other major search engines, because we also include  SEO Search Engine Optimization Tools, xml Sitemap and help with Google Webmaster Tools VERIFICATION, PayPal API integration, Amazon API setup etc. if needed.

Its a COMPLETE PACKAGE, backed by thousands of coders, forums, free templates and enthusiastic web people, so SIGN UP today and get the ball rolling.

Check our prices and you will see that it's very affordable.

Once your website is operational, YOU can LOGIN from anywhere and EDIT, ADD PAGES, ADD PHOTOS and more. view the Admin Dashboard below:

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