We cover many options, from budget service and price to premium, pro grade website setup and management.

The choice is yours.

For the budget conscious person or small company: BARE BONES SERVICE:  if you are confident to work with a WordPress site template., and can work things out yourself, not phone us. We can get you started with your OWN C-panel hosting account, set up a WordPress website template and configure your domain to point at your site. You can then get started and fill your site with content.  Budget price: $80.00 incl. 12 month hosting at $60.00 value. All you need is your www domain name, you can buy one at different registrars, example: mydomain.com. Contact us now for more details and we get you started.


If you are more confident if websitedreams sets up everything, the design of the website, the plugins and apps installed, backup system installed, a good customer service, and much more, choose one of our services below:


  • We set up websites using the WORDPRESS system, which is a ready to use, stable code template based, content management program, you can be online in a very short time!
  • Advantage: Once setup, YOU can login and edit anytime
  • Cost Guide: Approx US$ 500 - 600+ for a Blog or small business website without E-commerce Module 
  • Please contact us by message below, indicate your domain name and purpose of website site

E-commerce Business - Storefront website

  • E-commerce business website  Approx  US$ 749 ONCE ONLY setup fee, NO monthly royalty costs! 
  • We will load up to 5 product categories, and install 2 demo products each category. You then can easily duplicate from there.. 
  • Advantage: Once setup, YOU or your staff can login and edit anytime. Real time Stock Control available.
  • Need extra help setting up more products? Lets talk..

Mobile Ready Fluid Websites

You will only need ONE website for all (or most) devices. All our website designs are FLUID and RESPONSIVE meaning that the content and images are resizing and re-arranging to suit the viewers screen size.

That saves you money as you don't have to create a separate mobile website. We take advantage of freely available templates and MODIFY or CUSTOMIZE them to suit YOUR needs. This makes it affordable and cost effective for YOU. No License fees and no ongoing costs, apart from your yearly hosting cost and maintenance if needed.


We install backup plugins and set up cloud server connectivity. All your backups can be automated and will be saved on the online cloud server, independent of your hosting provider. You will be able to download updates to your computer if needed or RESTORE right from the cloud... wherever you are . Options: GOOGLE DRIVE, DROPBOX,  AMAZON S3,  DREAM OBJECTS and more, ask.


Contact websitedreams for more details and pricing to set up YOUR backup solution, even on your EXISTING WordPress website  (From US $99 up, depending on size of website)


Preparation is the best defense for your website. Please read here about our Malware protection services