You want a new website, and you want it cost effective.

If you do some homework, you will not only see a bigger picture, but also get to  know more about your future website and also a better price.


  • YOUR WWW DOMAIN: Buy a domain name (Check at if your desired domain name is available, then BUY it. This will cost you around $10 or so, every year needs to be renewed. Set on auto renewal.
  • Don't buy a template or theme. We can create what you need at no extra cost, and it will be updated free in the future.
  • WEB-HOSTING: Your website needs to be hosted.  Let websitedreams take care of the hosting, from $60 / year (The advantage going with us for hosting is that we do it all for you, set the domain pointers, create your Cpanel for access to your email setup and much more at no extra cost - or choose a host from google search, your choice.)
  • Collect royalty free images (Check for royalty free image sites through Google or go to which can provide cost free and trouble free images. DO NOT just use images from google or yahoo or on the web as it can be costly if the authors find out. You could get sued for copyright issues.
  • Images: Find out how to OPTIMIZE images for the website. You should NOT use large,  High resolution images at 3-4 MB a piece. It will kill your site, not joking, no-one can wait for these to load...
  • You can use this website to optimize PNG Images online at no cost: or google for more..
  • Check out some websites themes and choose a LOOK that you like. We can then create a similar look with your own flavor for you, or use that template if it works. View some here 
  • Write your website mission statement if important to you
  • Write your website content or ask us if we can create web content for you, It will give you an idea of how many pages you need to start with.
  • Once you got it all together, contact me, I can give you an estimate.
  • Of course we can do it all for you, at a price, your choice.