Annoyed by CYBER VIRUSES, MALWARE, SPYWARE ? Your first concern when you have a website is SECURITY.


There are too many bored people out there causing trouble online.  They plant viruses, malware, spyware,  hacking, more viruses.. They are your problem. The biggest threat are cyber criminals that hack your site for monetary gain or simple pleasure.  We can  up relevant security measures for your website! Contact us.


Strategy: first scans your website for viruses, malware, hacking attempts. Clean up. Then we set up a full website Security system PLUS a pro BACKUP system for your WordPress website, which is stored on a Cloud server, outside your website server, safe from unauthorized access. You can also download backup files packages to your computer and store them, also on a mobile hard drive.

This will give you the edge, or shall I say the absolute necessary files to start your website up again after a brute force attack, a virus infection or a malicious file invasion compromising your website day to day running.



We had business website owners  saying that they had lost their website, they "just" clicked the wrong button"... these were not our clients. Don't get caught out, sign up with us.

Contact me with some relevant information, example:  your website URL, and I can advice you on cost to design and set up the necessary systems for your website.


Is your website infected by viruses and malware ?

Has your website been banned by Google Search and marked “UNSAFE” ?

This is what you might get trying to view YOUR OWN website, see below:

Immediate action will be required to get your site checked, cleaned of infected files and re-admitted to Google. We can help you get this done as soon as possible at a reasonable cost.

Cost depends on size of website, page count and amount of media files, forms etc, please call or email to get a quote. Please supply your website address URL such as so we can start our pre-inspection scan to best serve you.

DON’T WAIT UNTIL THIS HAPPENS, we can scan your site today and get the steps done BEFORE it’s too late and damages your ratings, customer trust and confidence.

Get in touch with websitedreams and we do our best to restore your website online reputation.