shopping-basket-1065675_960_720Shop / Store / Ecommerce Plugin

We recommend Woo Commerce, which is fairly comprehensive with it’s shopping cart built in. Also enables stock control and you can use it as a full stock management and sales system. We can install, configure and setup initial 3 products, PayPal gateway for credit card processing and more to get it started. You can then maintain this easy yourself. Add products, delete products is pretty much all you will need to do, and sell online! Setup Cost $299 Labor cost. (Some premium Plugins charge extra for license fees)

moving-website-migration-migrate-websitedreams-333Are you planning to move your website to a new host?


Moving / migrating a WordPress website to a new HOST: Do you already have a website? WordPress? Now you want to move it, migrate to a new host that you prefer now.  –  Other website structure, not WordPress ? ASK, and I’ll give you a free estimate for moving ANY website. WE ALSO HOST WEBSITES ! More Webhosting Info here

SEO – Search engine optimization – we all want to be “on top” at Google or Yahoo search engines but of google-seo-websitedreamscourse only a handful can be there, be realistic.  It can cost thousands of dollars to get to these positions. Google looks for relevant, keyword rich CONTENT  and honest Page titles for example. No-one can promise you TOP POSITION - but we can help you get better positions.

We can optimize your website's SEO and get you noticed.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – IMAGE IMPROVEMENTS & OPTIMIZING – LOGO DESIGNS – We can assist with the visual appeal of your site. Image optimization, graphic design to create images, icons, logo and more. Really, the look of your website has a lot to say about your overall sense of quality and values. You can also use Images to improve SEO Search engine optimization and exposure as many search engines pick up on ALT Tags, and names of photos and Images. Price?  Ask. Usual we do this work on a per hour basis.

Online-bookings-bookingcalendar-websitedreamsBOOKING CALENDAR – Does your business operate in the real world with the need to book client sessions, appointments, events etc? We can install a plugin that enables you to set up “sessions” that you can offer your clients. Example Therapy session Tuesday, xx.xx.2013 , 10am – 11am or something like that. We can also install an EVENTS MANAGER that is more suited for people offering classes, workshops etc. Initial installation and setup will cost $149 labor cost with some coloring options for background of calendar, sidebar widget functionality etc.. (Incl.  License fee for commercial grade,  third party creator, you own the license.)

Plugin, Addons or App installs for WordPress websites

Do you need a special Form ? File upload capability ? Video or Audio download functions? Weather ? and much more - please ASK 

TECH ADVICE SERVICE – I can assist you if you have problems.

Simple questions, or more complex, ask. I will then provide you with more details how much that will cost to fix. You can then decide if you want to go ahead and let me fix it.. questions regarding websites, registration, domain names, hosting, SEO Search engine improvements, WordPress and more.